AAC -Augmentative Alternative Communication 

ABA -Applied Behavior Analysis

ABI -Acquired Brain Injury

ABR -Auditory Brainstem Response

AD -Assistive Device

ADA -Americans with Disabilities Act -1990

ADD -Attention Deficit Disorder

ADL -Activities of Daily Living

AFO -Ankle foot orthosis

AG -Annual Goal

APE -Adapted Physical Education

APH -Aphasia

ARND -Alcohol related neurodevelopmental disorder

ASL -American Sign Language

AT -Assistive Technology

ATD -Assistive technological device

ATNR -Asymmetrical tonic neck reflex

BD -Behavior Disorder

BI -Behavior Intervention

BICM -Behavior Intervention Case Manager

CA -Chronological Age

CBA -Curriculum Based Assessment

CBI -Community Based Instruction

CBM -Curriculum Based Measurement

CIC -Clean intermittent catheterization

CCS -California Children’s Services

CCTV -Closed -circuit TV

CD -Cognitive Delay

CDC -Centers for Disease Control

CDE -California Department of Education

CMH -County Mental Health

CF -Cystic Fibrosis

CHI -Closed Head Injury

CNS -Central Nervous System 

COTA -Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

CP -Cerebral Palsy

CR -Conditioned reflex

CSF -Cerebral Spinal Fluid

CT -Computerized Tomography

CVA -Cerebral Vascular Accident (stroke)

CVI -Cortical Visual Impairment

DAI -Diffuse Axonal Injury

DEA -Deaf

DBL -Deaf -Blind

DD -Developmentally Disabled

DHH -Deaf and Hard of Hearing

DI -Direct Instruction

DIS -Designated Instructional Services

DMD -Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

DMH -Department of Mental Health

DNR -Do not resuscitate

DR -Department of Rehabilitation

EADL -Electronic Aids to Daily Living

ECU -Environmental Control Unit

ED - Emotionally Disturbed

EEG -Electroencephalogram

ELBW -Extremely low birth weight

ESY -Extended School Year

ETRAN -Eye transfer Communication Device

FA -Functional Analysis

FAE -Fetal alcohol effects

FAPE -Free Appropriate Public Education

FAS -Fetal alcohol syndrome

FBA -Functional Behavioral Assessment

FRC -Family Resource Center

FTT -Failure to thrive

504 Plan -Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

GER -Gastroesophageal reflux

GCS - Glascow Coma Scale

HI -Hearing Impaired

HKAFO -Hip knee ankle foot orthosis

HOH -Hard of Hearing

ICF -Intermediate Care Facility

IDEA -Individuals with Disabilities Act (PL 101 -476)

IEE -Independent Educational Evaluation

IEP -Individual Education Plan

IFSP -Individual Family Service Plan (Regional Center)

IHCP -Individual Health Care Plan

IHSS - In home support services

ILS -Independent Living Skills

IPE -Individual Plan for Employment

IPP -Individual Program Plan (Regional Center)

ITP -Individual Transition Plan

IWRP -Individual Written Rehabilitation Plan

LAS -Language and Speech

LBW -Low birth weight

LD -Learning Disability

LEA -Local Educational Agency

LI -Low Incidence

LRE -Least Restrictive Environment

LSS -Language and Speech Specialist

MA -Mental Age

MAFO -Molded ankle -foot orthosis

MBI -Mild Brain Injury

MD -Multiple Disabilities

MD -Muscular Dystrophy

MS -Multiple Sclerosis

MRI -Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MTU -Medical Therapy Unit (where CCS services are provided)

NICU -Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

NDT -Neuro -Developmental Therapy

NPA -Non Public Agency

NPI -Neuropsychiatric Institute (UCLA)

NPS -Non Public School

NTD -Neural tube defects

OCD -Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

ODD -Oppositional Defiant Disorder

OHI -Other Health Impaired

OI/OH -Orthopedically Impaired/Orthopedically Handicapped

O&M -Orientation and Mobility Specialist/Services

ORT -Orthopedically Impaired

OT -Occupational Therapy

OTR -Registered Occupational Therapist

P&A -Protection and Advocacy

PARA -Paraeducator (assistant)

PART -Personal Assault Response Training

PECS -Picture Exchange Communication System

PET -Positron Emission Tomography

PH -Physical Handicap

PHI -Physical & Health Impairment

PL -Public law

PLOP -Present Levels of Performance

PNS -Peripheral Nervous System

PS -Partially Sighted

PT -Physical Therapy

PTA -Post Traumatic Amnesia

PTSD -Post traumatic stress disorder

ROP -Regional Occupational Program

RSP -Resource Specialist Program

RST -Resource Specialist Teacher

RT -Recreational Therapy 

SCC -Special Class Center

SDC -Special day Class

SED -Severely Emotionally Disturbed

SELPA -Special Education Local Plan Area

SEA -State Education Agency

SEHO -State Education Hearing Office

SEP -(Office of) Special Education Programs 

SGT -Student Guidance Team

SI -Sensory Integration

SIB -Self injurious behavior

SLA -Semi -independent living arrangement

SLP -Speech Language Pathologist

SPECT -Single photon emission computed tomography

SSI -Social Security Income

SST - Student Support Team

STO -Short Term Objective

STWOA -School to Work Opportunity Act

TASK -Team of Advocates for Special Kids

TBI -Traumatic Brain Injury

TGMD -Test of Gross Motor Development

TRI -Triennial Assessment 

TTD -Telecommunication devises for the deaf

TTY -Teletypewriter

TVI -Teacher of the Visually Impaired

VI/VH -Visually Impaired/Visually Handicapped

VLBW -Very low birth weight